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El Encuentro Tango Göteborg

El Encuentro Tango - The magic of traditional argentine tango in Göteborg

Discover this incredible art with our courses in Göteborg! But be won´t be able to get rid of it!


The full course will start at the end of January and finish in mid June.

It will be divided in two terms:

1st Term: "The first step" (12 lessons/ 4 lessons per month): every journey starts with one step. The 1st Term will cover the basics and fundamentals of traditional argentine tango "de pista". The course is designed for absolute beginners who have never danced before and for more experienced dancers who wish to review the basics.

2nd Term: "The fundamentals:  musicality, expression, creativity" (8 lessons/ 4 lessons per month) : the second term will be focused on reviewing  and extending the fundamentals of the 1st Term with a stronger focus on expression, musicality and improvisation.

- Free first trial lesson for absolute beginners 

- Come with/without partner

Göteborg courses:


  • Tuesdays  18:30-19:30   course start: 31 January 2017
  • Fridays 18.30 - 19.30      course start: 3 February 2017


Tuesdays Course:
Södra Allégatan 4
413 01 Göteborg

Friday Course:
"Fräntorps Folkets Hus"
Småstugevägen 77
416 76 Göteborg

Karlskrona Courses


Absolute Beginners |  Beginners II/Intermediate courses:

every Monday 19.00 - 20.00 Absolute beginners (1st Term)
Start date: 30 January 2017

every Monday 20.00 - 21.00 Beginners II/Intermediate (1st Term)
Start date: 30 January 2017


Törnströmska gymnasiet, room nr. P141
(Östra Köpmansgatan 10 37132 Karlskrona)


Fist term: 1800 SEK (12 lessons)
Second term: 1200 SEK (8 lessons)

The company has its base in Göteborg, Sweden

Contact person: JULIAN CASTRO Mobile: 0739 314883
Address: Södra Allégatan 4 E-mail:
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Maya Wiehe

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