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Embrace Gothenburg

Embrace Easter Tango Gothenburg

Welcome to this easter tango weekend!

We have prepared a cozy and social, three day event for you, and your favorite dance partners, at a new location in Gothenburg.

This is not an encuentro event but a regular tango weekend with a friendly and genuine atmosphere.

Please have a look around at our webpage.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

The company has its base in Göteborg, Sweden

Contact person: Adrian Groglopo Mobile: 0733919885
Address: E-mail:
tor 13 apr kl 20:00- sön 16 apr kl 18:00
For more information, please click here
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Maya Wiehe

Tangoportalens syfte är att samla alla tangodansare och arrangörer till en plats för att underlätta för alla att hitta information om tango runt om i Sverige och andra delar av världen.