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About The Tango Portalen

This portal is for the dancers of tango! It's created and supported by Tommy Selggren.

To create and organizer page and put out your events is totally free and does not cost anything, but if you want to create a banner to push extra for any or your events it cost about 12 euro/month.

If you have problems or questions please feel free to write to

A user manual can be found in the forum. Klick here to go to user manual.


  • Only real e-mail addresses is allowed! Also we only accept real names on this portal.



  • For the link (url) to own company webpage http:// must be included.


  • For the categories "Go out to dance", "Teaching" and "Workshop Weekends and "Festivals" one need to actually have an event created. For DJ:ing, Selling and "Private lessons" that you do not normally create an event for, you mark that in the company administration.

Region handling

  • Regions for a country are according to NUTS (Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics). For countries that don't have regions according to NUTS other regions is used. If you want to include a country that is missing please write to the webmaster.

Language support

  • Depending on what language you web browser is setup up for it will choose that language. At this moment only english and swedish is supported but spanish will soon come...




Tangoportalens syfte är att samla alla tangodansare och arrangörer till en plats för att underlätta för alla att hitta information om tango runt om i Sverige och andra delar av världen.