Tango Course - Intermediate

Rita Caldas from Rita's Tango and Pino Dangiola

City: Stockholm
Starts: Wed 05 Jun kl 18:00
Ends: Wed 05 Jun kl 19:30
Organizer: Viva Studios (Former Rita's Tango)
Venue: Rita's Tango at Danscompagniet

This course takes place in Stockholm at DansCompagniet, Fridhemsgatan 28.

In our intermediate II courses, we will refine our technique, work in new elements and develop our improvisation skills, which will allow us to work in a more dynamic embrace (close and/or open embrace) being aware of our own axis which will help in a more connected, fluid and relax but always elegant, dance. Musicality and interpretation will be the basis of all courses.

During the courses, there will be individual exercises as well as in couples. Because Tango is a social dance and also because it's important to experience different leads and ways to follow, we change partners during the class.



Danskursen ges på DansCompagniet, Fridhemsgatan 28 (T-Fridhemsplan)