Tango Course - Technique for Followers

Rita Caldas from Rita's Tango and Pino Dangiola

City: Stockholm
Starts: Tue 04 Jun kl 18:30
Ends: Tue 04 Jun kl 19:30
Organizer: Viva Studios (Former Rita's Tango)
Venue: Rita's Tango at Danscompagniet

This course takes place in Stockholm at DansCompagniet, Fridhemsgatan 28.

Our dance can be even more delightful when we feel stable and relaxed. During the Tango technique classes for followers, we will do exercises to find our axis, to improve and refine our balance and posture as well as our core strength which will allow us to have a better connection with our partner. We will also work our feet, articulations, free leg and also how to be an active follower. Body awareness is the key.



Danskursen ges på DansCompagniet, Fridhemsgatan 28 (T-Fridhemsplan)