Milonga 3Esquinas levande musik med trio Patricia Noval

Musicalizador Jessica Carleson

City: Hägersten
Starts: Sun 10 Nov kl 18:00
Ends: Sun 10 Nov kl 22:00
Price: 170.00
Organizer: Milonga 3Esquinas
Venue: Midsommargården

Patricia Noval trio

Marcelo Mercadante ( bandoneon)

Gustavo Battaglia (guitarr)


The Show is a journey through the most refined aesthetics of Argentine tango which, without losing its essence, is approached from the perspective of modern sounds.

The repertoire spans from Manzi to Celedonio, from Gardel to Cadícamo, cruising through a large array of Argentinean folk songs.



Patricia Noval is an Argentine tango interpreter born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since her artistic debuts in the 90s she has maintained an aesthetic and cultural track that dives into the roots of tango, processed through current musical trends. Her musical research reflects the encounter between a refined aesthetic and an unmistakable suburban style. Focusing on interpretation and poetry, she travels fluently through the tragedy and comedy of the genre to embrace her own musical territory.

She has performed on the most diverse scenes in America (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile) and Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden).