Less figures = More tango!

Real connection and techniques

City: Stockholm
Starts: Sat 07 Dec kl 11:00
Ends: Sun 08 Dec kl 12:30
Organizer: Tango Milonguero i Stockholm
Venue: Danzarín

Lördag 7 december och söndag 8 december kl. 11:00- 12:30

Pris: 900:- för båda dagarna (100:- rabatt om du även går workshop 2 efter lunch) 

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Do you dance for your partner, or do you dance for an imaginative audience when you dance at a milonga? Tango danced for others as an exhibition could surely be visually very attractive. But a tango danced for and with your partner is undoubtedly a more emotional one, with the pleasure of both giving and receiving.

Tango is not just choreography. For those stuck with that illusion the number of figures will never be enough. What is the point trying to learn countless figures and complicated movements that cannot be used in the milongas? Instead, let the focus be on improving the quality of the movements and facilitating the flow.

This workshop focuses on how to dance synchronized with and for your partner. It is all about balance, connection, energy and the embrace.