Onsdagspraktika special

gästlärare Alejandro Lencina och Agustina Gomez

City: Stockholm
Starts: Wed 19 Feb kl 18:00
Ends: Wed 19 Feb kl 21:30
Organizer: Tango Norte
Venue: Alviks Medborgarhus

Onsdagspraktika special!

Vi inleder med WS på fortsättningsnivå med Alejandro Lencina och Agustina Gomez 18.00-19.30.

Kvällens tema: The Embrace. The Connection. The Cadencia. Have you ever wondered what cadencia means in tango? That mysterious concept they talk so much about in Buenos Aires? Find out in this workshop! Agustina and Alejandro give their view on the embrace and the three ways of connecting. After constructing this base they explain cadencia and how it will give your dance more depth.

Efteråt dans till musik av DJ Maria Jose Garcia.

Kostnad: 100 kr för medlemmar. 80 kr för studerandemedlemmar och 120 kr för gäster. TangoNortes entré- och bonuskort sparar vi till ett annat tillfälle. Efter kl. 19.30 gäller vanligt inträde: Medlemmar 70 kr, studerandemedlemmar 40 kr, medlemmar under 20 år gratis. Gäster 100 kr. Entrékort med 12 markeringar för medlemmar 700 kr.

Det går bra att betala med bankkort, swish eller entrékort. Dock inte med kontanter.

Välkommen att dansa med oss!

Onsdagspraktika i Alvik,  med stan's mest generösa tangogolv! Varje onsdag från 8/1 till 17/6.

Mer information hittar du alltid hittar du i kalendariet på www.tangonorte.com.



Agustina Gomez and Alejandro Lencina have been Finalists in the most prestigious Championships and are official teachers at a National level - but most importantly: they are wonderful persons eager to share their love for traditional tango!

They have extensive experience in a variety of dances and tango styles but have chosen to dedicate their knowledge and teaching to the modern tango milonguero style, which they share a profound love for.

Agustina  and Alejandro started dancing together at the beginning of 2017 and already the same year they became finalists in the World Championship of Tango Mundial de Tango and in other prestigious competitions like the Tango Championship of Buenos Aires Campeonato de la Ciudad and the Intermilongas Championship. Since then they have been teaching, performing and participating in festivals all over Argentina and Europe.