Milonga Fortuna Helsingborg

City: Helsingborg
Starts: Sun 25 Oct kl 16:00
Ends: Sun 25 Oct kl 19:00
Price: 60.00
Organizer: Tango Fortuna Helsingborg
Venue: Project Pocket

Every Sunday unless unpredictable circumstances, warm welcome to Fortuna milonga in Helsingborg, only 15 min walk south from the central station! Västra Sandgatan 6.
Observe that the location is on the second floor, the parking is only possible just by the road fence near entrance to the area.
Admittance 60 SEK (6 euro or 50 DKK), tea/coffee and snacks included.
Wooden floor, music mixed traditional and alternative. Roles swap is appreciated. Beginners are very much welcome!