Photographer Lars Kårholm

Photographer and a beginner in Tango, you can find me photographing at many milongas near Malmö and Copenhagen, if You want to buy a picture of You please contact me at: Facebook 

A tango picture size 30X40 cm costs 400:- This picture will have a ca 6-8 cm white frame around it and it will have my handwritten signature at the front. Other sizes are 50X70 cm for 700:- and 70X100 cm for 900;. both with a white frame around them size 6-8 cm and, of course, with my handwritten signature at the front. Buy yourself a present and show your friends the essence of tango.

The price for a A4 picture is 200:- swedish kronor (22EUR)  The picture itself is 14,5 X 21.5cm but I print it with a white frame around the picture and with my name on it so its ready for your favorite A4 (20X30cm) frame. See example down below.

Shipping prices including packing: In Sweden 60:- Skr Outside sweden it costs 15:- Euro Prices can change due to currency changes, I will inform you if so when ordering.

I accept payment direct to my bankaccount or by paypal.

I will not sell a picture of you to anyone else, so in order to insure that, you have to be friend with me at Facebook and do the ordering there, search for me.

Lars Kårholm or Lars Karholm

If you want to see some of my other pictures you find them here:

Of course these are also for sale but the prices are not the same, these pictures are limited editions and signed and the prices are 1495:- for a 48x33 cm picture, every picture you find there, Im sorry to say, are not for sale. but feel free to ask.

Contact information

Contact person:
Lars Kårholm
Östra Farmvägen 42D
Homepage: Kårholm

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