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Lovisa Curman, born in Stockholm Sweden 1982, has always been interested in people and cultures. Her strong interest for meeting people and seeing new places brought her to Buenos Aires 1999 where she encountered the Argentinean tango. She fell in love with the music and later on also with the dance.  The Argentinean tango is the ultimate dance for her, where improvisation, communication, esthetics and musicality merge in the embrace of the dancing couple.

Lovisa has danced various other dances as part of her dance studies at Balettakademien in Stockholm as well as during dance pedagogic studies at the University of Dance and Circus (DOCH). She has travelled to Argentina, Berlin and other cities in order to learn from the great tango teachers, such as Gustavo Naviera, Chicho Frumboli, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes etc. She wants to be able to combine diferent  tango styles and is constantly seeking development of her own movement and expression.

Lovisa is an active organizer, teacher and DJ in Sweden, with her base in Stockholm, and she is also engaged in social projects combining dance and community development. She is part of the crew of the tango organization Barra Querida and has also been active in Tangazo.

Anibal Montenegro, guest teacher April 2012
Anibal Montengro started as a traditional dancer who then later ventured into nuevo and is now successfully combining both. He has learned from great teachers such as Luciana Valle, Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Dina Martinez, Valencia Batiuk, Chicho Frumboli, Sebastian Arce and Gustavo Naveira.

He has worked with prestigious dance schools in Buenos Aires such as: Estudio La Esquina, Escuela Argentina de Tango, Tango Brujo as well as in Tango Seminars conducted by Luciana Valle. He has a structured approach to classes and teaches thorough technique, from beginners to advanced levels. For Anibal it is important to convey the content of the class together with suitable exercises and a nice creative atmosphere.

More about Anibal: http://www.anibalmontenegro.blogspot.se/

In April 2012 Lovisa Curman and Anibal Montenegro will give workshops in:

Stockholm (21 april, workshop day, 22 & 29 april, 3 esquinas, 28 april, Bristol)

Uppsala (16 & 23 april, Cambalache practica)

Gävle (17 & 24 april, workshops, Sjömanskyrkan)

Örebro (5-6 may, Workshop weekend)

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