Alexander Charlotta Tangueros

Ars gratia artis

Charlotta Tonelli and Alexander Pankow. We give both private and group lessons in tango salon, tango milonguero and milonga. We learned to dance tango attending classes with renown Argentine dancers in Europe and Argentina. Charlotta has also studied tango technique extensively with Alejandra Mantiñan in Buenos Aires in 2009 and 2010; Alexander attended classes of milonguero technique with Oscar Casas and Jorge Firpo.

We have been giving classes at Tango Nights in Gothenburg 2003 - 2013, since 2010 even in other cities in Sweden. Our teaching is based on our own method of revealing the mechanism of the smallest constructive elements of movements for enhanced understanding of tango and the possibility of improvisation. 

Contact information

Contact person:
Alexander Pankow
Bohusgatan 5
41139 Göteborg

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