(Walk+Embrace)feelings= Tango

...obviously we are only giggling with the idea of describing tango with one equation. We know it is not possible to put down tango in a formula as dance is, by nature, art: free and ever-changing.


That said, we do provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to dance tango and to develop as a dancer. Learning tango with Tangokurser.net will give you the ticket to new dancing experiences, and we hope you will have the time of your life doing tango with us!


Our courses are given by a team of dedicated dancers and teachers. We all have a strong passion for tango, which we aim to transmit to our students. During the term, Tangokurser.net will also collaborate with renowned international dancers, who will participate in the regular courses to no extra cost for our students! Our courses are given in Swedish or English, depending on the language skills of our students. Find out more about our regular teachers and our international guest teachers in the presentations below.


We warmly invite you to join our facebook community and stay updated for surprises and special events during the term!

Contact information

Contact person:
Giorgio Regnoli
Homepage: http://tangokurser.net/

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