TangoMeditation by Lucia Söderling

Tango from the inside out

TangoMeditation is about Argentine tango from the inside out, where every movement comes from awareness and connection. Through meditative exercises, we create the contact with the core of our own being and with each other. We are focusing on connection, presence, sensuality, grounding, balance of body, and on balancing the masculine and the feminine pole in our selves.

Argentine Tango is a dance of communication and improvisation. In TangoMeditation we focus on building and refining your movement. We wil not fokus on figures and fance sequences, but on connection, comfort and quality of movement.

Techniques are covered with sufficient detail to challenge students at all levels.

Contact information

Contact person:
Lucia Söderling
+46 29 25 02 02
Homepage: www.tangomeditation.dk

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