Chill Out Milonga

Most chill milonga in Stockholm


Well, Chill Out Milonga is in a way a social experiment where I, Pino Dangiola, invite anyone who loves tango into my house to feel like home and do and act as they like.

In all my years in tango...some by now..I always heard over and over again that there is not enough socializing in tango...well Chill Out Milonga is the opposite of a non socializing event. Here you are free to hang out, and many do from Friday night until Sunday and sleeping over one or two nights. We talk, play board games, Playstation, laugh, go swim, dance, hang out and have fun.


Do you need to stay here all the time...of course not..but since it is a bit of a trip for most people...make it a whole day excursion and go running, kayaking or swimming, playing dart, beach volleyball, kubb, racket a book in the hammock.. or just start conversations with people! Heck we even have chain if you have had a rough week at work...come and cut some trees or chop wood with an axe...will do wonders for you.. or if you need to do a bit of work..bring your laptop and go lay in the hammock on the island..! The options are many!

Do you know that we dont demand any entrance is voluntary and up to you.....if you did not like your dont have to pay... we offer you soft drinks, wine, snacks and there is always a table full of food which people have brought with them to share..!

My idea was to make it into a friendly collective, where everyone brings something into it if they want. Some are doing crazy amounts of work in order to make Chill Out a great coming by after work and helping out even on weekdays... Chill Out is a work in progress project...and will most likely never be finished...

Contact information

Contact person:
Pino Dangiola
Långsjövägen 60
13558 Tyresö

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