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Welcome to TDMS Tango Dance and Music Stockholm!

We offer you the possibility to learn Tango as a Dance and as a Musical style. We encourage both women and men to learn both roles to know deeply this dance, and people of all ages to incorporate musical knowledges to improve their audition, musicality and consequently their dance.

The course proposed is divided in two parts. The first one focused on learning the dance of tango and the second one in musical analysis of tango and its application to the dance.
First part
Types of embracing
Basic steps
Mechanism of action
Rhythmic and position variations
Dance Styles
Second part
General notions for musical analysis
Tango Orchestras
Musical forms
Materials. Themes and motives. Harmony and rhythm

Application of musical notions to the dance

Contact person:

Romina Graduated in the Licence of Musical arts, orientation Composition, in the National University of Arts, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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