Viva Studios (Former Rita's Tango)


At Viva Studio, we offer a range of basic tango courses whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. 


Regular Tango Courses at the moment:

Beginners: Wednesdays from 19:30h to 21:00h

Intermediate I: Tuesdays from 19:30h to 21:00h

Intermediate II: Wednesdays from 18:00h to 19:30h

Advance: Thursdays from 19:00h to 20:30h

Technique for Followers: Tuesdays from 18:30h to 19:30h

Technique for Leaders: Thursdays from 18:00h to 19:00h


We focus on connection, embrace, feeling and technique. 

Find your axis, improve and refine your balance and core strength with our tango technique classes and yoga. 

Try our themed courses in musicality and adornos to help you find your own style. 

Perfect your figures with our weekend workshops in everything from Sacadas to Volcadas.

We also offer private lessons for single, couple and small groups. 

For more information about prices, schedule and location, please contact us through our website or by sending an email to

"When you dance, listen to the music, speak with your feet and draw your emotions on the floor"

Contact information

Contact person:
Rita Caldas
Grevgatan 16
11453 Stockholm

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