Tango Classes and GYROKINESIS® Training in Göteborg at Connect With Joy.
Argentine tango is more than a dance.  It is a sensual expression, a universal language with the body as a voice. Tango is poetry in motion, inviting you to (re)discover yourself and explore your balance, at many levels. Let us introduced you to Tango Göteborg community and guide you in your dance journey, from beginners to experienced dancers.
Experience the beauty of Argentine Tango with Connect With Joy, in our classes, with our Tango Göteborg community at our social events, or with a dance performance on stage.
Serious about your dance development? Get introduced to the GYROKINESIS® method, a unique form of movement and healing practice to balance the nervous system, build strength and release tensions through rhythmical movement and deep stretching.

At first, the method attracted dancers. Rapidly the benefits attracted anyone searching for an efficient form of exercise: 

  • To increase performance for dancers, athletes and fitness practitioners
  • In rehabilitation from injuries or chronic pains
  • To reduce the effect of ageing and of sedentary lifestyles
  • To support the recovery from traumas stored in the form of tensions

More information:
GYROKINESIS® official website:

Contact information

Contact person:
Elodie Labonne
Kålgårdsgatan 5A
41469 Göteborg

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