Tango Festival at Scandinavian Design College, Randers, Denmark


Experience tangos richly faceted character, its many playful elements and challenges. The Scandinavian Design College has Denmark’s finest dance floor and the surroundings are eminently suited to a Tango Festival.

25 lessons … 3 levels. Topic Workshops. Flea Market Workshops. Afternoon La Practica with assistance of the instructors. Milonga every evening until the last dancer leaves the floor. Taxi Dancing Fun. Buenos Aires Serial Killer Game and Cigs.

A tiny swimming pool in the courtyard when you need to cool down between the tango lessons. .... during July. Not during the Christmas Festivals ;-)

Read more at www.designhojskolen.dk

Contact information

Contact person:
Birgitte Drud
Homepage: http://www.designhojskolen.dk/

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