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Giorgio Regnoli 
... and the search for Tango
Giorgio apprached Argentine Tango on a very cold afternoon of January 2002, in Stockholm, Sweden...... Since then he never stopped searching for it !
Eight years ago he could never picture himself as a dancer and he still finds it quite ironic to see himself dancing so much. For this reason a hidden smile accompanies him every time he goes dancing or teaching even nowadays when Tango has become for Giorgio quite a serious thing.  He believes that such a smile is what actually makes oneself a dancer so to say that irony and in general "easy going" mood is the essence of dancing. 
Giorgio was from the very beginning captured by the emancipation power embedded in Argentine Tango. Dancing Tango with personality, listening to the music and embracing the partner sincerely can make anybody look elegant, powerful, beautiful. It must be for this reason that the Tango style he fancies the most is the so called "Tango Salon", a style where embrace, elegance and dynamics blend together with Tradition in a unique mix.
In the latest 10-15 years the interest in Argentine Tango has been strongly revitalized worldwide, thanx to the work of many teachers and dancers whom have investigated new ways of dancing Tango. As result Argentine Tango has got to be known to the mass and in particular to the young generations.... nowadays dancers of any age are used to go out dancing and seaching for ... Tango every night in any corner of the world.
In 2009 Argentine Tango has been ufficially declared "Patrimonio de la Umanidad " and for good reasons. Indeed today many people from all over the world dance Tango professionally, bringing to it their own cultural backgrond and fusing it with the pure traditional fashion of Buenos Aires dancing. Doing so, all of them are constantly searching for their own Tango !
Giorgio finds all this a faschinating path to observe and explore himself as he believes that
"the search for Tango is what actually makes Tango"