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Pino Dangiola is administrating the following organizer pages on the tango portal: Tangocamp, Restaurant Pelé,, Chill Out Milonga

Pino Dangiola

Pino Dangiola is the founder and creator of Tangcamp. He also started ClubTango in Stockholm. He is Sweden's most well-known tango dancer and has been seen in several movies, TV productions and on the stage as dancer, actor and choreographer. Pino has mainly been active in Sweden where he has a big influence in the development and accelerated popularity of the tango. He has also taught in different countries like Finland, Italy, Greece, Germany, Serbia, USA, Lebanon and in Dubai. Being invited and having participated in more than 30 major international argentine tango festivals makes Pino Dangiola by far the most international tango teacher in Sweden. Since 2003 he dances and teaches with his wife Natalie; before then, he collaborated with various partners among them, Eugenia Parrilla.